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Skills & Drills


In Lacrosse there are offensive and defensive strategies for different situations. Some of these game situations include:

  • Settled - A settled situation is when all players are ready or settled when the attacker goes on the attack. It may occur after a stoppage of play like a foul or out of bounds play.
  • Unsettled - An unsettled situation is when there is a quick change of possession giving one team an advantage like a fast break.
  • Man-up / Man-down - This is when one team has one less player due to a penalty. While the player is out, the team with the extra player or power play will press and try to score. The other team will focus on defense and try to hold until their player's penalty time is complete.


In a regular or settled situations, teams will run set offenses. A common settled offense is called a 2-3-1. This stands for a first line of 2 midfielders at the top of the field, a second line just in front of the goal with two attackers on the outside and a midfielder in the middle, and a third attacker located just behind the goal (sometimes called position X). The players will then pass the ball around the outside or run in triangles to confuse the defense and try to get an opening. Some other settled formations include the 1-4-1 and the 1-3-2. Some formations may give an offense more attack strength, but also leaves the defense open to a fast break. Other strategies used include setting picks or screening within the rules. A key offensive strategy in lacrosse is to try and get fast breaks or unsettled clears. This can give the offense the advantage for a short period of time. By quickly transitioning the ball up the field a team can get more offensive players than defensive players in the attack zone.


In regular or settled play the defense may play man-to-man defense, where each defensive player is assigned an offensive player to cover, or  zone defense, where each defensive player is assigned an area or zone to cover. In man-to-man defense players need to communicate and have "slide" responsibilities where they cover for a defender who gets beat by a dodge. Knowing when and how to "slide" is the single most important aspect of defense in the sport of lacrosse. The most common zone defense is a 3-3 where the top three players are midfielders and the bottom three are defenders. In any defensive set, communication between defenders is key and the goalie "quarterbacks" the entire defense letting them know where they are and where the ball is at all times.

Event Overview
The 2015 Northstar Lacrosse 7 v 7 Fall Lacrosse Tournament will be held on the campus of Hopkins High School, on 9/26/15 (boys). Each team is guaranteed three games.
All team registrations must be done online. If you need assistance or have any questions, please email Ian Flam at:
September 26, 2015 – Boy’s 7v7. Coaches must check in at 7:30 AM at the Northstar Lacrosse Tents. Games begin at 8:00 AM. If your first game is after 8:00am please check in a half hour prior to your first game.
Current (Summer) U11, U13, U15 and U17.
$475 per team:  If you decide not to pay online please make checks payable to Northstar Lacrosse and mailed to Northstar Lacrosse, 175 Jackson Ave North, Suite #285 Hopkins, MN 55343
Roster Size
10-12 players per team. 12 is the maximum roster size which enables us to ensure each participant has a positive experience.
The team representative/coach should make every effort to have each player of their team complete an online waiver. 
Staff & Officiating
This 7v7 event will be run and directed by Ian Flam and James McCarthy. The games will be covered by certified officials. Certified Athletic Trainers will be on site in the event of injuries.
Rosters are held to 12 players maximum. These games tend to be a lot of fun and higher scoring than a full field lacrosse game. All players must have a signed waiver. Our staff will check your rosters and waivers to ensure they match up prior to the start of your first game.
1. 2 midfield, 2 attack, 2 defense, 1 keeper on field at all times.
2. Sub on the fly.
3. Two 20 minute running time halves.
4. 1 30-second time out per game.
5. Face-Off to start the game and the second half only.
6. No Long Poles. All short sticks.
7. After goals, the Goalie takes ball out of goal, whistle blows and play resumes.
8. For U11 and U13 only: at four goal or greater difference, after a goal by either team, the trailing team gets ball at midfield. 
9. Penalties lead to loss of possession or a 3 v 2 fast break. The person who caused the penalty does not have to be exempt from the fast break. In the event of continued penalties the officials reserve the right to suspend players from the game and in extreme circumstances, eject them from the event.
10. Use of inappropriate language from players or coaches will result in an initial warning from the official, but will be followed up with a penalty on the second offense and in extreme cases of misconduct and offensive language could result in dismissal of a coach, player or entire team from the event.
11. There will be one horn on the field to start a game, indicate half time and to end the games.
12. All games must have a winner.  Ties will be decided by a Braveheart. 
13. There will be 5 minutes to get on and off the fields.
Golden Rule: HAVE FUN and keep it fun for the kids.
Team Regulations
1. No more than 12 players per roster.
2. First team listed on the schedule is the home team and will wear the light jersey.
3. We will provide balls at each field.
4. If you have roster changes please let the score keeper know your changes in your first game.
5. Each field will have a director that checks rosters and waivers at the start of the first game.

774 Mainstreet, Hopkins // 3810 W Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington // 1789 Lexington Ave, Roseville